Open file relative to current file

Compared to Sublime, the behavior with opening files is imho a bit impractical in atom.
It alwas opens the folder in the tree menu, but I would suggest it would open the folder in which the currently active file in the tab is in.
What do you think about the current way fileopening works regarding the folder and about my suggestion?

I think opening from the project root location makes a lot of sense. It’s predictable. The way I work with projects the current file’s location is hardly ever where I need to be and it’s easier of the editor always starts in the same place.
Either way probably makes sense for a lot of people, but for me, for now, I’m liking Atom’s approach.

I never open files from the File > Open dialog. I almost always use the fuzzy finder, Cmd+T on OS X. Just hit the key, type in a few characters and press RETURN :boom:

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I have the same problem.
I regularly use the CTRL+P shortcut, however it doesn’t always work for some reason (my file is not found even if I manually show it in the tree), and sometimes it’s faster to “Open File…” and just be in the same folder as the current edited file. It’s especially useful when I don’t know the file’s name.
But Atom always shows me the .atom folder of my Home when I do this…

Also, when I just “open file with atom…” in the file explorer, the existing instance opens it even if the file is not in the directory’s tree, and here as well an “Open File…” leads to the “.atom”.

If there is an option or a package that provides such functionnality, it would be great :smile:

I use the Open file dialog box when I need to open file outside of my project. And I think that makes a lot sense open files starting in the relative path of the current file.

Is there any way to use fuzzy finder via service and toggle the opening of a result?

+1 (many times a day)

Is there a plugin for this?

Fuzzy Finder is great within a project but otherwise useless

You could take a look at the advanced-open-file package.

but this doesn’t use the platform native file dialogs

is there no way to get atom to make the Open file dialog box start relative to the current file?

You could submit a PR for this Issue: