Open file related to object at current cursor (ST equivalent?)


I’m giving Atom another try as Sublime Text’s development has been slow recently and I feel the plugin devs have slowed up as well. (It was over a year ago when I last tried it, it’s much improved since!)

All is good so far (I’ve found most settings/plugins to fit my workflow) but I haven’t found an equivalent for the “open file relating to object at current cursor” tool. To explain: if I have this code

$myFoo = new FooBarObject();

and the cursor is somewhere in the string “FooBarObject” I can hit a key combination and my project will be searched. If a single exact match is found FooBarObject.php will be opened. If there is more than one matching file, the file loader pop-up appears (equivalent of CTRL+P) with items matching the expression.

I find it really useful when getting started with a task, or when I want to quickly load a file to check on its declarations (I can quickly close it again).

I’ve searched the packages and documentation, but to no avail. Have I missed something, if so can someone point me in the right direction :slightly_smiling:


You can find many references to this feature in Atom here on the board if you search for the phrase “symbol search”:

Atom has this capability built-in using the symbols-view package. It requires the use of ctags to generate the symbol index so that it can operate.


Thank you for the quick reply @leedohm - after a bit more searching for “goto defination” I found this package that seems to do what I need.