Open File overwrites current buffer (tab) if buffer is not modified


I noticed with 1.6.0 (and also 1.6.1) that when I open a new file (from TreeView) and my active TextBuffer is not modified, the new file replaces the TextBuffer instead of adding a new TextBuffer.

Is this expected behavior or the result of a new option I don’t have set properly or a bug?

I’m running on a Mac (El Capitan).


Yes. It is by default, which is confusing a lot of people.


It’s the “Allow Pending Pane Items”. If I uncheck that, it’s back to the way it was.

If I’m making changes to several files in a project, I would click all the files in the Tree View to be changed and then make the changes in each file. With the above option set, I would end up with just one tab containing the last file I clicked.


This is also covered in the FAQ: