Open file in external program from Atom


I’m looking for a solution to open files that are currently opened in Atom, e.g. a SVG file, in an external program like Inkscape or GIMP.

I found some plugins.:

but it seems that they are not working.

Is there something related? In best case, it would be the default program from the os, that is defined for the file and also a list of programs which was also used for that file type.

Key binding to an external program (Marked on mac) so that current file opens in that program

check out


Thanks @skandasoft , I will try it. I already created an own package “open-file-in” for that. Also it is important to me, that I can open the file in an application that is not the default application for that file type.


I’m the developer of external-open. Would be great if you could explain/create a bug on any issues you’re having with it :smile:

I haven’t yet found a good way to open files in a range of programs that are not the default for that file type, mainly because of issues with having a solution that works across multiple platform.


Did atom already provide a way to open files(eg word/pdf externally). I have not seen any body having the problem…Did I miss any thing and ended up creating a package…??


As far as I know, Atom does not provide this functionality in core or any of their packages (which is why I created external-open). As to the second part of your post, I’m not sure I really understand what you mean…


I created a simple package which would open files on the tree view externally if a default viewer is not available(default it open pdf,xls in the config). you can configure to add more extension to be opened outside…for eg .exe or .bat file or .xls to be opened externally.

I was wondering how people would open a bat or exe file or pdf in their folder previously or was atom having this capability and I ended up creating this package( without knowing it.


What if you want to open a .jpg in photoshop ?
This is an exemple of Coda on OSX


This would be awesome. That is exactly what I have just been looking for now and can’t seem to find anything that provides this sort of functionality. Somebody please prove me wrong!