Open file in Atom Docks


Do you know how to open a file in the atom dock (bottom or right). I’d like to use one dock as a complementary workspace to keep some auxillary documents open. I know it is possible, because I managed to do it once by accident (maybe drag and drop), but I can’t seem to reproduce it…



In a programmed way (by coding) or as a user (by human)?

As user:

  1. Open the file

  2. Click-drag the TAB of the new open (file) editor to a new location.
    A shadow will show you where it is going to dock.

You cannot change the location of the editor if there is not already another pane open.

Experiment a little… have two editors already open in two panes, then put down a 3rd - top / bottom, left, right, centre, in another pane and so on.

Is this the 'droids information you were looking for?


Thanks for answering, but not the right droid :confused:
Actually, I wanted to put the file in a collapsible dock (like the one where the new Github tab is stored) not in a new pane. Unless one can also do that the way you showed? (if so, there is something wrong with my install, because I myself can’t…)


And also, you’re right: I meant as a user…


This is not possible to do as a user in the standard installation - as far as I know.
The closest description are LINK1 LINK2 LINK3

Sorry for not being able to help.


Too bad… Your second link shows that it should not be too hard to implement. Or maybe I’ll find a package that’ll do it.
Anyway, thanks for helping!