Open file/dir without dialog


Hello there, I was wondering if there is plan to add a feature to atom (maybe there is an extension for this) to allow you to open a file/folder from atom without needing to open a dialog, only by text.

Similar to emacs ctrl-x+ctrl-f. You type the full path to the file or directory you want to open (or also create in the case of the file). Right now I know that ctrl-t (or cmd-t in OS X) does something like that, but only in the current directory I am working, my idea is to do this on any directory knowing the full path.

Is there anything like this in atom? Maybe there is an extension to do it?

Thank you for your time!


I would love this feature as well, I work across multiple projects on daily basis and often need to open a file in another project. To do that now you need to go through the system dialog or create a new instance of atom, both of which are painful to me.

It would be great if someone could point us to a package that exists for this or give us some advice to how such a package could be created.



The advanced-new-file package could be extended or forked to offer this functionality probably.


And it’s called advanced-open-file :smile: