Open devtools in seprate window?


Is there any way I can open the devtools in a separate window?

[win.openDevTools()] List of options available

Press this button at the top right of the dev tools: (And behold my awesome paint skills :stuck_out_tongue: )


Just in case you meant opening devtools in its own window via code:

window.openDevTools detach: true


I wish to open devtools in its own window BY DEFAULT immediately when I invoke (ctrl + shift + I) after launching an atom. I assume, that it can be done by inserting your code (or not?) in a some config-file, but I don’t know where it can be found. It definitely isn’t in the config.cson or styles.less right?


Do the dev tools attach themselves for you? For me, they always open as detached.


Yeah, In my case it’s docked to the right by default((. After clicking on settings - Show in a separate window - devtools shows in a separate window, but unfortunately it don’t remember its state after a work session, so every time I have to click on settings in order to detach devtools. Not a big deal though, but pretty annoying. Since there is no way to jump from devtools area to main atom-editor by shortcut while devtools is attached, I prefer to keep it in a separate window because of easy alt-tab(or even better alt-esc) keyboard switch option between atom-editor and its devtools window


That sounds like a bug, but one that might be difficult to replicate.


this did the trick


You can use the following. It worked for me when I was making a mobile emulator. My electron version: 1.7.9 and I am using Windows 10.

Suppose you have a window named win opened.

To open devtools in a separate window, you simply have to write the following code:



Since the topic is here now:
I also had the issue a few weeks back and used the solution from the linked stackoverflow answer.

But one question remained on my todo-list:
How do I get the dev-tools to persist their settings (like the dock, theme or any of them) on closing Atom(Electron?)?