Open console on Windows


Hello there, so I would like something. I would like a package that opens console at the current directory(OS:Win 8). I know there is already one(Atom Terminal) but it dosn’t seem to work. I think its for Linux and/or OS X. So does anyone know of a package that opens the console or a shell, with a keyboard shortcut(At the directory of the file I’m working on).

Also I was wondering, there is this line through the middle of my editor. How can I remove it?




Yep got that done with. But any package that opens console in the working directory?

Package that opens console in the working directory?

The line is there on purpose, it is the “Preferred Line Length”. The reason it is there is because it is standard to not have code that is longer than 80 characters, so it is a soft reminder. You can change it in settings.


Yes, there is now a FAQ for this:

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