"Open Config Folder" not working

When i go to “Settings” and i click the “Open Config Folder” button (below the “install” button) nothing happens. Is this a bug or something?

Probably. It’s supposed to open a new Atom window focused on the .atom/ folder.

Have you tried using browse?

I also have this issue, and this seems to be the only thread that comes up when Googling about the problem. I’m on macOS Mojave. I’ve uninstalled Atom by deleting the app as well as deleting the hidden folder at ~/.atom, and completely reinstalling. Clicking “Open Config Folder” does absolutely nothing. For about an hour after installing Atom initially, I had access to the config settings. I had gone in there to edit the python.coffee file to point to python 3, and things were working for about three sessions. Now I can’t access the config folder, and I also can’t run python 3 by default.
I used Atom to program back in 2014 and it was so robust it was almost like magic. Now it’s just eating up hours of time Googling endlessly about issues with every single thing I try to do.

Atom is a text editor.
Add-ons give it the ability to “compile” and “execute” programs the user designed.

  • Which version of Atom do you have?
  • Where did you find this button?
  • What do you see in the tree-view?
  • Where is this file you speak of?
  • Which add-on uses this?
  • Can the OS access this folder?
  • Which add-on makes it possible for you to trigger a Python script from Atom?


Today I can share an animation to demonstrate the reasons for my earlier interrogation. Perhaps the configuration folder “not showing” because the folder is already open.

I know of a init.coffee that is standard in the configuration folder. Some information on the add-on packages you use would be helpful in furthering the discussion.