Open batch file atom issue


Any batch file with extension .bat doesn’t open in atom editor. Actions like double click on the .bat file in tree view runs the file and even file dragging & dropping on editor area doesn’t seem to work.


Does this happen when you open Atom from the command line with atom --safe?



It would be best to try what @DamnedScholar suggests… just throwing my 2c into the rink.

I have no problem on my software doing a 1-click or 2-click from the Atom tree view… with or without a language package that handles BAT files.

The drag and drop from Atom tree view does not work… the functionality has not yet been implemented in Atom.

Drag and drop from Windows Explorer to an open Atom session does work.



It does work as expected in atom–safe mode. But little curios here that why is it not working in normal mode.


That means that some package is interfering with the expected behaviour. Which packages do you have installed? Any of those augment the working of the tree view? …perhaps a theme?

Have a look here and see if these hints are of value…


I did a quick RCA as you mentioned and figured out a package was installed in atom which cause this unexpected behavior to happen.

Thanks @danPadric.


You did a quick Response Calibration Audit?
or Random Case Analysis
or Recycled Concrete Aggregation

Sorry… not being native English speaker, slang and abbreviations causes confusion.
Please school me and spell it out what you just said.


Root Cause Analysis



The word “schooling” was used and you came through for me with an answer.
Thank you for helping me.

Please help me with one more -
When the guys ask me to create a PR of a Github project,
do they mean I should create a Peer Review?



That’s usually a Pull Request :slight_smile:


Thank you.