Open atom with project folder already collapsed


It is possible to open atom, and have all the project folder (in the project pane) collapsed?


Aren’t they already? You may have the Auto Reveal setting turned on in the tree-view package. Like the name suggests, it will expand folders to reveal the active file in the tree view.


They don’t.
The settings you’ve suggested also does not work


What if you do it in safe mode?

  • Open Atom with atom --safe

  • Open a project folder

  • Close the tree view folders

  • Ensure Settings -> Package -> tree-view -> Auto Reveal is turned off

  • Close the Atom windows

  • In a new window, click File -> Reopen Project -> [project name]

  • In the new window that pops up, the tree view is in the same state as when the previous window was closed

I know for sure it works, because I tried it just now.


This seems fairly complicated. I can confirm that when re-opening a project in the way you describe@Aerijo, that the new window does not show tree view.
But what I (and maybe also OP) are looking for is to default to open Atom with closed tree view. That is not working. It still opens with tree view open. So the question is why isn’t there a default setting for this?


Are you asking about opening a new project?

My process is “complicated” because it is a set of steps that anyone can precisely follow to reproduce the behaviour. If you actually meant some other thing, then describing it in detail or steps to reproduce it are necessary.

I feel that you and OP are asking about this for a new project though. In that case, I guess the only solution is to close it manually. If you want a feature added, you could try raising an issue on the GitHub repo.


Aerijo: You are describing setting to have an existing project open with the tree view collapsed. The OP was asking about “open atom, and have all the project folder (in the project pane) collapsed” which to me sounds like a different scenario. Can’t speak for OP but I indeed would be very interested in learning how to open Atom (not opening a file / project with atom) and have tree view collapsed as default.


It does not work as described on Windows. Project tree is expanded on Atom open. Atom v1.26.1 x64 Windows 10 safe mode.