Open and Open Recent disabled, and Reopen Project doesn't work


I’m pretty sure this is a bug since I can’t figure out any benefits to it, but I have two issues with trying to open “Recent” files and folders.

Open and Open Recent Disabled

If Atom is open but there is no window open then the File>Open Recent menu item options are all greyed out and disabled. I can see all my recently opened files but I can’t click on them. The only way to get this menu to work is to open a blank window with an empty editor, and then the menu is enabled.

Similarly the File>Open menu item is not greyed out, but simply does nothing if you don’t have a an Atom window active. It strikes me as very unintuitive to have to go to File>New just to open an old file!

Reopen Project Doesn’t Work

The reopen project menu item simply does nothing when I click on one of my past projects. Just nothing happens. Even stranger is the list becomes blank when I DO have an Atom window open. So it’s populated with no Atom windows there, and then blanks itself as soon as I open an Atom window.

What is going on here?


Hi @mattaningram

There is an open issue with File>Open not working after closing the editor window on macOS. You may want to subscribe there for updates.

We recently fixed an issue where reopen project menu did not populate in empty Atom windows. I believe this was fixed in Atom 1.16.

For File>Open Recent being inactive it sounds like this issue (Assuming you are using the open-recent package):


Thanks @Ben3eeE!

I tried all sorts of searches and couldn’t find those for some reason.

Also it looks like there has been very little progress on actually fixing these bugs which have been around for a long time. I’m kind of amazed “open-recent” is not a native part of Atom. The dev says he thinks his plugin can’t activate until an Atom window is open, is that really how plugins work?

Is there any chance this will get fixed?