Open all search results?


Is there a way to open all files in a “Project Find Results” window? I’d like to search for a specific term using “Find in Project” option and then open all files that contain that term.


Not that I know of currently. It might make for an interesting Pull Request though :grinning:


Oh no :frowning: Unfortunately I’m not that good with javascript.


The bigger issue is that I can’t seem to even manually open two files from search. I click on one and it opens the file, but not permanently. If I click back over to the search tab, and then click on another one of the results, it replaces the other file I had open.


Ah, I found I can double-click on the tab after the file is opened, and then go back to the search results. Pretty time consuming and error-prone, though.


This is Atom’s default behavior when you open a new pane item, so that you can browse through different files without opening a whole bunch of tabs and then having to close them all. You can always disable it in Settings -> Core -> Allow Pending Pane Items.