Open a new window. My electron serve url


I use electron serve url. It’s use react. I want to open new window on Google Chrome not a electron window. How ?


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You want to use Node’s child_process module to send a command to the system shell.

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In my understand, I must to edit react site. Right?

I don’t understand that sentence. Please expand on your thoughts so that I can grok what you want to do.

I want to open a new google chrome window when click link on electron. In my app electron not have frontend it’s use serve url. But my app electron it’s serve url site.

I need click link on electron project then open link in browser.

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I’m pretty sure you have to make the link a button that calls a function you’ve defined in your JavaScript file that uses Node’s child_process to open the browser with that URL as the argument. I gave you the link to the API method you need.

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