Only problems after update to 1.17


We are using Atom as an developer team. Until v 1.14 everything works fine!
Yesterday we had the update t 1.17 and now we have a lot problems and a few files “crashed” due to these problems.

Main problem ist the support for the german “Umlaute” äöüß. We have still set the charset to Windows1252 as we had it in the past. There are only <?> which are displayed. In notepad it works!

The other problem appears when i change a file and save it. There is a orange box at the right top with the text:
“Unable to read file after file change event. Make sure you have permission to access xxx\xxx.php.
iconv.decodeStream is not a function”

Sure I have the permission.

This is really really bad - currently we cannot work with Atom because of these problems!


I have the same problem here. I’m sure I have the full permission too. I rollback to 1.16 version and everything is ok.


Same error and similar conditions.
Also using Windows 1252 for some documents.
Only after update to 1.17.


Sorry I missed this one, there’s an open issue for this /cc


Same problem here


Thanks a lot for the hotfix for issue 48 which was closed/merged yesterday.
As we are using the windows-installer, how are we able to install the newest release?
The release which i can download is the (damaged) version 7 days ago.
Thank you!!


There’s a fix, but there isn’t a release containing the fix.


1.17.1 is out with the fix (it’s also in 1.18.0-beta1 if you were on the beta);