Only one instance of Atom has menu bar on GNU/Linux


VERSION: Atom 0.94.0 (installed using WEBUPD8 PPA, atom_0.94.0~git20140508~webupd8~precise4_amd64)
OS: Trisquel 6 (based on Ubuntu 12.04, GNOME 3.4)

If I open Atom the menu bar is OK but if I open the second Atom the first one will lose its menu bar.

Menu bar has disappeared


i also get this, even with just one Window but I havn’t found a way to reproduce it 100% of the time.

Also Linux (Arch x86_64)
Atom Build from git 20140509


I’m not getting this as of 0.121.0 on Arch x86_64, although I’d like to be able to toggle the menu bar’s visibility with a keymap as a future enhancement.