One of folders disappeared from project

Never seen this before. I was adding another folder into my project and it was alright, but at the same time, another folder disappeared from the tree. The folder itself still exists, but I cannot add it back into the tree. If I open any file from that folder - it opens fine, but still does not appear in the tree. Tried to add the folder into the tree, remove the whole project and adding it back. Obviously, tried to restart Atom too - nothing helps. It’s not crucial, but very uncomfortable if I have to open any files from that folder elsewhere.

Here is a suggestion.
Install package project-viewer.
Point to your folder from project-viewer pane (on the right).
This should launch in tree-view pane.

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Thank you! It is good workaround and allows me to access my ‘missing’ folder with ease. However, I’m still hoping for the answer why it disappeared in the first place. Seems like a bug.

A complementary approach I use is to consider Atom as part of a toolchain. For example (in Ubuntu) I use Krusader as my main resource manager. I have added a custom “UserAction” in Krusader which allows me to select any selected folder in Krusader (front end) which in turn launches a project folder in Atom. This also works if I select symbolic links (to folders and files) in Krusader. So I can cluster together in a $HOME/LINKS folder a bunch of symlinks which in turn routes to project folders and files scattered in my file system.

I also have another Krusader UserAction which selects a resource, calls a python script which parses project viewer json file. Toolchain allows functionality of Atom to be extended externally with scripts.

I do also use Windows 10 (less often than Ubuntu) and this approach can be used in Windows using front end scripts. And some front end like Total Commander as an alternative to Krusader.

Of course this does not explain why your folder does not appear in treeview. Could it be folder permissions rather than a bug? Have you explored treeview “issues”?