One-Light-UI Theme?


I found a theme in the Atom Git repo, called “One Light UI” and listed as “unpublished”. Not sure why, as I really like it. I pulled it down and have been using it for my personal use only.

I just fixed the notifications in Deprecation Cop, so I suppose it’s 1.0-compliant.

Can I release this theme, or keep it “unreleased”?


@simurai is building these as the new/future default themes. I bet he’ll release them when he’s ready, and in the mean time you can use them as you’re already doing.


That’s good news, as it’s a simple, elegant flat theme that looks great with my syntax theme. Thanks.


See also the pull request these themes are designed to work with, that will allow you to customise how themes look in the settings:

I imagine once this is all ready the new themes will be released.


Which won’t stop people from forking and publishing someone else’s unfinished work though. Ah well…


That’s a 404, @braver, what was that supposed to be?


Oh, someone forked the one-light-ui and published it. Perhaps by accident and immediately removed it, perhaps it was pulled. Anyway… The repo’s are there to clone and try out if you want a sneak preview (the themes are awesome).


Yes, @postcasio is right. The plan is to publish them once themes can be customized in the settings. But feel free to play around by cloning/forking it. Maybe just not publish it with the same name. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: