On Open Broadcaster Software Compatibility


As some others have, I wish to stream Atom using OBS’ window capture. After seeing another thread on disabling hardware acceleration, I attempted it, it worked, but the performance took a predictable nosedive, as it was now running on integrated graphics.
As the editor-background, activate-power-mode and sound (can’t link; new user) packages are all integral to the stream itself, I find myself out of alternative options.

To that end, I have three questions:
-What is it that makes Atom’s hardware acceleration interfere with OBS?
-Would it be possible to create a package that makes Atom compatible with OBS normally?
-Where would be a good starting point to work from, if one or both of these are unknown?

Thanks for your consideration. You guys are doing good work.


I have never streamed Atom, but since you know of some people who have, I would recommend asking them how they’ve made it work. Those are going to be your experts on this specific topic.