On Mac OS X I can not install latest (maybe 1.7) Atom


First time to make topic.
On Mac OS X 10.10.5, I try to upgrade Atom 1.6 to 1.7 (from update pane), but downloading do not stop.
And next I downloaded latest Atom from top page of web site, but Atom.app seems to be broken…(See below)
Is this the only case for me…?


There is an open Issue here tracking this and I’m working on it right now:


I’m getting this as well.


You’re not alone. I’m on 10.11.4 and I receive the same error. I’ve tried unzipping the file using unzip, sudo unzip, Archive Utility, and TheUnarchiver. Multiple re-downloads and they all fail.


+1 on OSX 10.11.1


We are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. Please subscribe to the Issue here for updates:


This has been fixed both on the Releases page and on the website download link. Thanks everyone for reporting!

opened #9