On hover image preview like in brackets


i used to use brackets , it’s been a week since i switched to atom i like it so far excpet for this missing feature , i tried to search for a package for it , i couldn’t find it anyway .
in brackets when i hover on a url in HTML file for example i get a small preview of the image .
it’s really handy when you use many pictures m any help ?


I don’t think there is a package for this but it would be nice to have. It would be particularly easy also.


i would be glad to be a beta tester for a one :smile: .


I also am missing this feature after leaving brackets. For previewing colours on atom, there is the pigments package, but nothing so far for images.

Here is the Hover Preview brackets extension code, located on GitHub.


i will begin to develop this extension :slight_smile: i hope everyone like…


How’s that coming along? I really dig that feature in brackets but I would love it even more in atom!


This is a feature that keeps me using Brackets. Especially useful if you are building HTML email templates.


Has anyone found anything similar to how Brackets handles image previews? Would be super nice to have it in Atom !


any new news on this happening? was excited to see it was happening but has been awhile since


@hellfish2 I’m also looking for this feature. Is there any update on how this is coming along?


Hi, well i’ve been busy past few months and now i have a moth free. i will return to my previous development of this plugin for atom i think in a few weeks will be in prod to test it if anyone want to rush this development i will appreciate it.



Would love to get this plugin. Was it ever released?


I found this packge but only for markdown: https://github.com/mangecoeur/preview-inline
It can preview LaTeX math and Images.



I released this plugin.
Run from context menu or keyboard shortcut instead of hover.
If you’d like, try it out.