On closing a file, memory leak causes OSX to run out of application memory


Upon closing any file, a memory leak (4GB+) results in OSX running out of application memory (image).

[YouTube] Atom Memory Leak

Installed packages per @nanoxd:

/Users/nano/.atom/packages (14)
├── atom-lint@0.11.3
├── atom-mac-theme@0.4.2
├── atom-spotify@0.6.1
├── autocomplete-paths@0.3.0
├── autocomplete-plus@0.14.0
├── autocomplete-snippets@0.1.0
├── color-picker@0.14.3
├── editor-stats@0.14.0
├── fizzy@0.15.0
├── sort-lines@0.3.0
├── spacegray-dark-ui@0.5.0
├── test-status@0.16.4
├── travis-ci-status@0.8.0
└── vim-mode@0.8.1


[Twitter] Case 1, @nanoxd
[Twitter] Case 2, @ericheikes


First step now would obviously be to disable all user installed packages, and see if you’re able to reproduce. And if you’re not, then enable one at a time until you’re able to reproduce. It’s crucial that we figure out if this is happening in Atom core, or in one of your installed packages.


Per @ericheikes (the second instance of this issue I know of): “I literally only installed and opened it, and a few hours later my RAM was gone.”


In his case, the issue happened in a fresh installation with no additional packages, which suggests there’s a leak in Atom core.


Unfortunately, I pretty much can’t use Atom because of the memory usage issue. Screenshot here shows Atom running overnight from a clean open (never even loaded a project).  I woke my computer from Sleep mode just now to this particular memory balloon.  Unfortunately, my machine was struggling, and I couldn’t get more info out of Activity Monitor.  I’ll try again with packages disabled as suggested, and hopefully I can show all of the AtomHelpers that I have as well.

Also, I’ve received the same “Force Quit Applications” screen as mentioned by @eric and seen here: https://twitter.com/ericheikes/status/455880814081748992/photo/1

Atom 0.89 on Mac OS 10.9.2, on a late 2011 non-Retina MBP w/16GB memory.


This is a very weird issue, but that is usually the case with memory leaks. I frequently have an Atom instance open over night, and typically the memory usage is only a few megabytes.

The more information we dig up, might help us narrow down the likely culprits, or at least make it easier for the Atom team to exclude some avenues. As it stands now, this is extremely difficult to debug. That’s why I suggested removing all packages, so we can exclude one or more packages as the culprit.

Hopefully we can figure out one or more common factors amongst those of you whom are having memory related issues.

For comparison, I’m running Atom 0.89.0 in OS X 10.9.2, on a mid-2012 Retina MBP with 16 GB RAM.


I’ve experienced this issue once as well, but sadly don’t have anything to add as to the cause of it. Doesn’t appear to happen frequently though.


And now I can’t get Atom to have the issue again (with packages still enabled)…making a liar out of me :smiley: If it comes back, I’ll be sure to post what I find.