OK, I have had it


So I was trying to stick with this editor because I love the fact that it is ran on JavaScript but there are just too many small issues that are keeping me from enjoying my experience.

  1. highlighting: I cannot put my finger on how this happens but it does, I have the cursor somewhere on the file and I will click somewhere else and for some reason everything between the 2 points is highlighted. Blocks of code have been delete because of this.

  2. click events… let us attach item to click events.

  3. build off of 2, better multi line selection like holding cmd with ST2

  4. when highlighting blocks of text (not like in my first issue) and I am off the page a bit everything starts to highlight all over the place.

The few items listed have been driving me mad and when I am on my windows computer using ST2 and work using Atom it makes me hate working on atom more and more.

I know this is beta and I am providing my input for being a beta tester on this.


Thank you for providing constructive feedback. That is more than most would do when they are so obviously frustrated. If I can ask you to provide just a little more detail on each item?

  1. Can you give me a set of repro steps? Perhaps we can get a bug filed.
  2. Does this thread help with attaching actions to click events?
  3. Are you asking about vertical or column selection? Or something else?
  4. Can you give me a set of repro steps? I’m not sure I understand what behavior you’re talking about.

Thanks again for providing constructive and actionable feedback.


Thanks for getting back on this.

the problem with #1 is I cannot put a finger on how or why and that is the most frustrating part is it just happens.

Thanks for #2 link and I will look at it.

#3, yes, better vertical selection, but that is a small complaint.

for number 4
I will start at the end of a function and start highlighting some text / code, when I get to the top or bottom (happens most from bottom to top and not top to bottom) I will end up with my mouse cursor over the line number that is when it will start to get all “funky”. as I am playing with this more I can see it is in the gutter or padding on .editor .scroll-view
removing the 10px fixed it, but it is helpful to have that padding…
Theme is Atom Dark
Syntax Theme is Base16 Tomorrow Dark Theme


Also when I say “i have had it” I mean for this week and I will get back to Atom next week :slight_smile:


This is what I love about Atom, how easy it was to fix my rant on number 1

.editor .scroll-view {
    padding-left: 0;
    margin-left: 10px;


What was the explanation for #1? You seem to have reduced the padding to zero - was clicking in padding doing something weird?


I have experienced #1 too.

Not sure how it happens, it just seems a little random. I’ve learned to double check what I have selected. :S

Another issue I have is that pasting code (JavaScript) always seems to inject at column 0, even when I paste into an if statement or other nested block. It’s frustrating to have to manually indent after every paste.

I’ve gone back to Brackets for now. I’m definitely in the market for a lighter editor when IntelliJ is overkill, but Atom is just not smart enough (yet). I’ll keep trying it out every few weeks to see if 3rd party packages can help.

Update: thanks to this thread, most of my complaints have evaporated: Normalize indent on paste doesn't work as expected


The fix for #1. Wow. Made my day. Thanks!


The padding was doing something to cancel the highlighting of what ever text was on that line so yes, the padding to 0 and margin to 10px to replace said padding.