Offline Themes Installers/Packages..?

Is it possible to download themes to move to an offline network? Our network can’t connect to the Internet.

Yes, themes are purely CSS. You can add the repo clone directly to the ~/.atom/packages/ folder.

Keep in mind, that some popular themes such as atom-material-ui have dependencies on Node packages, so the node_modules folder needs to be copied as well.

It’s sad that after all those year, there is no equivalent to VSCode’s *.vsix files. These are basically ZIP files containing the extension with its dependencies and are meant for offline installation.


Ah, thank you both! That would explain why some of the default themes seem to freeze when enabled.

I’ll download the packages and try them out!

The best way to do what you want is to stick Atom on a USB key in portable configuration and install packages on a computer with Internet, then move to the computer without and copy the specific folders you want (if there are many dependencies, archive the packages first so that the copy command only has to deal with one file).

The build of Atom is platform-specific, but most packages aren’t (only the ones that build C code into executables).