Offline first database, instead of sqlite


I found a big, HUGE problem with sqlite3 module. when i try to build for windows, it doesen’t work due to issues between sqlite module and electron-builder.

i was thinking to change te database to something that still works offline.
It’s not important that is a RDMS or NOSQL (all the data are stored in json files on a soap services wich i transform in sqlite statement)

the important (vital) issue is that it must work offline.

any tip will be appreciated :wink:


Anybody have worked or been working with NeDB?


I’m just heading down this path… Mind sharing the issues you’ve had with the build? (ie, what errors / problems). Perhaps the community can help with fixes. Hate to think Electron / SQLite is DOA…


Seems that sqlite3 module uses node-gyp to build the package and electron-builder uses prebuild and they are not compatible. Talking with @develar, he said that we need some skilled “code guy” that must rewrite the sqlite3 module. So because i’m new to nodejs i can’t be that guy…so i’m trying a different path with other database systems…


Some related issues:

And a hopefully promising future: