Official OS X Yosemite Support


Is OS X Yosemite supported? I just want to make sure upgrading won’t prevent me from losing Atom for a while.


People have been running it on the beta for a few weeks at least. There have been issues reported, though I don’t recall any remaining that were specific to Yosemite. I’m going to be upgrading tonight or tomorrow morning … but …

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I’ve been running Atom on Yosemite for several months. No major issues (if any at all).


Same here. Have been using it since DP1.


It does work without any issues but if you want it to look more Yosemite’y, you can install Yosemite Unity UI theme and replace icon as described.


Yosemite Unity UI is not needed, though. i tried it, and decided against it after a couple of days. YMMV.


The biggest issue I have seen is PATH not being inherited correctly. It is causing some issues for plugins which rely on calling commands off the PATH (my specific example is atom-lint.) This did work on Mavericks, but looks like it regressed in Yosemite. See