Of Markdown, remote editing, and soft-wrapping


Hi guys, especially the dev team behind Atom Editor. So far I am loving Atom because it makes me feel at home than the other editors. Couple suggestions, if I may.

  • What if the Atom Editor overrides the keybinding when the grammar is set to GitHub Markdown (or any Markdown), say CMD+B to render the text to bold, CMD+I to italicize, etc etc. I think it is handy if Atom behaves that way because writing in Markdown becomes less painful with text-style keybinding (e.g. as in the TextMate and and Ghost CMS editor).

  • Permanent soft-wrap toggle. When I am writing in Markdown, I turn on the soft-wrap. Usually when I close the Atom (CMD+Q) and then open it again, I need to re-enable the soft wrap, as in the soft wrap is enabled for a session only. Of course this is not a big issue, but the slight annoyance can sometimes be the thing that makes an editor less attractive (or it just me?).

  • SSH feature. I noticed that few people already talked about this: the ability for Atom to edit files remotely. I’ve seen a package accomplishes this by having a terminal inside Atom, or some workaround with SSHFS, but I think for Atom to have such ability natively, it would be a damn killer feature. My idea is that Atom has its own SSH client (and explorer). An integrated terminal would be awesome too.

If there are alternatives to the said suggestions, please let me know. I may have missed some important details. Thanks guys!


Typically, we like to keep separate suggestions in separate topics for a couple of reasons:

  1. So we can funnel all of the discussion on a particular idea into one topic. This makes for better discussion.
  2. So that when something is implemented, we can mark the topic closed. This helps prevent people from saying, “Me too”, when they don’t realize they’re using an older version of Atom without the fix :smile:

But … to reply to your suggestions:

This would be pretty simple to implement as a package. You could create a markdown-extension:toggle-bold command that:

  1. Checked to see if the active editor had a Markdown grammar. If not, it would be a no-op.
  2. If there was not an active selection, it would insert ** on each side of the cursor(s).
  3. If there were active selection(s), it would insert ** on each side of each selection.

Then you could simply map the command to Cmd+B. Italics would be a derivative.

There are already multiple packages to resolve this issue. A couple are mentioned in this topic:

Yep, there are a couple topics on various ideas for this too. If you have some ideas for what you would like to see, perhaps you should mention them there?

Welcome to Discuss! :grinning:


Thanks @leedohm for the feedback, and I am really sorry for posting in a not recommended way. My bad. All the questions are pretty much answered.


You’re welcome! And don’t worry about it. We’re all kind of figuring things out as we go along :grinning: