Odd theme error when opening files in an intellij project

So for some reason when I opened text files from a project I was working on in Intellij it caused the text for text.plain to display the theme default instead of the style.less default text. After restarting atom it has started doing this for every file that uses the text.plain syntax. I am getting the regular style.less default text when I am writing default text to other syntax types see below:
Default text for a new page or any other text.plain selected item is the top line with grey text.
The expected output is below the white line which is defined in the style.less file and this specific one is for source.css.less but it seems only text.plain was effected

The definitions under styles.less are as follows fyi.
atom-text-editor {
font-family: ‘courier new’;
color: #00ff00;
background-color: #102419;

atom-text-editor .line.cursor-line {
     font-family: 'courier new';
     color: #ff7f00;
     background-color: #241810;

Any help on getting the font to display correctly on text.plain syntax would be appreciated.

Yeah i think I can do that give me 1 hour