Ocaml editor on ubuntu : how to build the project?


hello, I installed atom on ubuntu 16.10, and the plugins language-ocaml, with nuclide and merlin, and all the necessary stuff.
the edition of an ML files is good, I have the autocompletion, the error checking… but I can’t compile the file. Obviously, I can do it manually in the terminal, but I would like to use those of atom; and by the way I would appreciate to manage in debugging ML files! What I saw seems atractive!

when I try “package”/“build”/“build project” I get the error :

no eligible build target.
no configuration to build the project exists

and if I try “packages”/“build”/“select active target”… atom freezes…

I would be interrested in hints, answers, tutorials… buy the way, there are a lot of tutorials on the net but I did not yet found something that would help me to discover the ocaml extension in atom.

thank you



In order to use build, you need to set up a configuration file. The package repo itself tells you how to do it.