Oblivion for Atom


I’ve ported the Oblivion theme from my Sublime package to Atom!

Check it out. Everything seems ok so far so we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for looking :smile:


This looks pretty good. However, once I started typing some markdown it looks as though the cursor is misplaced. At first it was a character behind the insertion point. On shutdown and reload of Atom, the cursor was a character forward of the insertion point.

Switching to a new theme fixed this immediately. Not sure if its Atom or the way that the Sublime package was converted, but thought you might like to know!


I ran into similar issues when creating a new language package. I found that I had syntax errors or invalid regex that caused this. I also saw JS errors in the console. Not sure if that is the same issue here, but it’s something to check.


I noticed this too, but I wasn’t sure if it’s an Atom problem or not. I’ll investigate :smile:


Am I the only one who wondered for a split second if someone had ported the Elder Scrolls game into Javascript?


no, you are not :smiley:


Well I guess I missed my chance for an awesome April Fool’s joke there. Upload a few doctored .gifs and a package with nothing but a giant “April Fools” banner… ah well.