I have reports of Object.observe() being removed. I knew this would be coming, as it’s no longer in Chrome. Unfortunately though, I can’t reproduce this error on my mac or windows machine (shamefully don’t have access to a linux box at the moment):

Any ideas why I’m not seeing it? Is this user on the beta? How does one get on the beta?


You are not seeing it because he is using an unofficial release of Atom. He is using Electron 1.4.2 which is not the version that Atom 1.10.2 was released with.


Oops. Sorry, yeah, meant to update this with that new info.

He’s using arch linux, and yeah, I guess the newer electron has the chromium update etc.


By the way, here is the Atom policy on unofficial distributions if you want to link to it.


Thanks! Yeah, sorry for the noise, I didn’t realize that mess was going on…

Is there perhaps a way the bug reporting tools can just throw up if a mismatch is detected? Might not be worth the effort to tweak that of course :sleeping:


I’ve got some ideas around that, though there’s nothing preventing these folks from patching that code to say that there isn’t a mismatch unless we do the calculation on the server :confused: