Oauth with Electron and Bitbucket


I’m still new to the whole Electron world and having some issues with OAuth authentication with Bitbucket.

I was able to follow the great guide by @ekonstantinidis and I am able to get OAuth working with Github just fine. Bitbucket structures their requests a bit differently then Github, and it seems to be failing for me when sending the requests through Electron. I’m able to send the same exact request through Paw and Postman, and get a 200 response with the token back, but I get a {"error_description": "Requests must be authenticated using OAuth client credentials", "error": "unauthorized_client"}t every time with Electron.

Has anyone here implemented OAuth with Bitbucket? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Bitbucket Reference Doc: https://confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucket/oauth-on-bitbucket-cloud-238027431.html#OAuthonBitbucketCloud-Authorizationcodegrant