Number of packages Atom can handle


Is there a maximum amount of packages that Atom can handle until it crashes and burns? I’m enjoying all of the new packages being created but I wonder when my limit of usage will be up. Idea?


There’s unlikely no hard and fast limit to this. I mean, some plugins are a couple small functions while others might be many, many pages. Rather, each additional plugin you add will have to be loaded, making startup time ever so slightly slower, and then as they go about their tasks, those tasks will consume your machine’s resources. Obviously, those are not unlimited. Rather than driving a car and suddenly hitting a wall where the editor crashes, it is much more like adding weight to it, a passenger here, a bit of luggage there, until it moves more and more sluggishly.

There is a tool built in to the editor to show you the impact each plugin is having. Check around in your settings.


Currently the plugin design allows plugins to activate the bulk of their functionality based on context and otherwise remain mostly inert. As long as package developers continue to be good citizens and limit how often their behavior is activated to when it’s appropriate, I think the theoretical limits will be rather high.