Number of columns possible with atom


I am working on both Windows and Mac, doing development of software. On Windows I use Notepad++, which I am finding extremely well put together. On Mac I am using Atom with the Notepad++ theme. It works well too.

I have data file (human readable) that are 1000s of columns wide. Notepad++ handles this perfectly, presenting me with a horizontal scroll bar.
Is this possible in Atom too? I have not been able to find it.
Or any other editor on Mac that can handle this?


If you have a file with lines longer than the window, Atom should be presenting you with a scroll bar. It does for me. It’s possible that your theme is interfering. Atom’s scrollbars are generated like Chrome’s are, so CSS can mess with them.


Thanks for your reply. Actually, it does present with a scrollbar, but the maximum no. of columns seems to be 1500, regardless of the theme, of which I tried several … hmmmm …


That maximum is probably there for performance reasons. Atom gets slow and grumpy when you open files that make it do a lot of work, because it has many busybody file checks that it runs on the back side and because JavaScript is a terribly inefficient language to do that work in (programs developed in C++, like Notepad++, have a significant speed advantage in all circumstances, but especially on very large files).


Hmmm! Very interesting, Thanks for that. Would you by any chance be aware of another editor under OSX that can handle such wide tables?


Check out BBEdit, which has a free mode that gives you a good amount of text editor power user features, just not some of the nicer language-specific things you get with the paid version (or for free in Atom).


Top. Thx a lot. BBedit does the trick.