Nuclide errors won't disappear


Hello, I used to have Nuclide package installed on my Atom. I also recently reinstalled Atom (had to uninstall because I was cleaning up/freeing up some space on my laptop), and when I opened it, I kept getting these errors involving Nuclide. I uninstalled Nuclide, reinstalled it, and about to uninstall it, but no matter what I’ve been doing, these errors just won’t disappear whenever I load up Atom.

Please help on how I can remedy this? Here’s the screenshot of that error -

Thank you!


Presumably, Nuclide failed to remove some of its subsidiary packages. I believe that those packages didn’t get removed because they weren’t active when you tried to uninstall Nuclide. You should be able to fix the error by simply going into .atom/packages and deleting all folders with Nuclide at the start of their names.