Npm run release error


Trying to build an exe for my code was working fine and then had to add npm package @paulcbetts/system-idle-time and change some things with post install scripts to get it to work. Any idea why I cant build a release?

$ npm run release

@ release C:\Users\jpmim\Software\Project1

gulp release --env=production

[01:46:17] Using gulpfile ~\Software\Project1
[01:46:17] Starting ‘clean’…
[01:46:24] Finished ‘clean’ after 6.95 s
[01:46:24] Starting ‘transpile’…
[01:46:24] Starting ‘less’…
[01:46:24] Starting ‘copy’…
[01:46:24] Starting ‘finalize’…
[01:46:24] Finished ‘finalize’ after 33 ms
[01:46:24] Finished ‘less’ after 48 ms
[01:46:27] Finished ‘transpile’ after 3.36 s
[01:48:56] Finished ‘copy’ after 2.53 min
[01:48:56] Starting ‘build’…
[01:48:56] Finished ‘build’ after 7.9 μs
[01:48:56] Starting ‘release’…
[01:50:03] Building installer with NSIS…
Processing config: C:\Program Files (x86)\NSIS\nsisconf.nsh
Processing script file: “C:\Users\jpmim\Software\Project1\tmp\installer.nsi” (ACP)
File: failed opening file "C:\Users\jpmim\Software\Project1\tmp\Project1\resources\app\node_modules\electron-rebuild\node_modules\electron-prebuilt\node_modules\electron-download\node_modules\nugget\node_modules\pretty-bytes\node_modules\meow\node_modules\normalize-package-data.npmignore"
Error in script “C:\Users\jpmim\Software\Project1\tmp\installer.nsi” on line 98 – aborting creation process
[01:52:37] Installer ready! C:\Users\jpmim\Software\Project1\releases\Project1.exe
[01:52:39] Finished ‘release’ after 3.72 min


I have found this error occurs because of this

Any help would still be appreciated


What version of NPM are you using?


v4.6.0 node
2.15.9 npm


Upgrade to NPM 3, delete node_modules, and re-run npm install.


Thanks tried that and it did not work. Any other ideas?


How didn’t it work? Do you still get the same error? Did you delete node_mdoules and re-run npm install?