Npm no longer installs electron (403)


I’m developing an app using the electron framework, and I’m behind a corporate firewall. Using proxy and https-proxy I’ve been able to install everything without any problems until recently. I now fail to download the electron package with a 403. This used to work.

Using the electron-quick-start I get the same problems as with my app, and if I comment out the devDependency on electron everything installs fine via npm so it seems to be electron specific. The error I get is “Error: tunneling socket could not be established, statusCode=403” and looking further into this, it’s when the installer is trying to download the electron zip and has been redirected to I tried the redirect directly in Google Postman (with no auth set) and that worked. I can download the zip directly from Chrome.

Any advice? Even on what I can do to manually ‘install’ the zip just so I can get on with developing…