Notify deprecated/deleted packages


Backstory: Since the update to Atom 1.6 i experienced crashes. I found out that some package is taking away the memory (memory leak), so after disabling and enabling packages, i found out that the package git-tab-status caused the issue.

However, looking at the github repository, it says that it is deprecated. Also, the package has been removed from the package thing on this site.

So i would suggest a “feature”, that notifies about packages, that has been deprecated/deleted. Maybe you could reuse the “Deprecated Packages” in the settings. This would help finding such packages and removing them if they cause issues.


How do we prevent this from being spammy? For example for people who are:

  • Installing packages manually
  • Installing packages via some mechanism other than apm
  • Developing packages (some people install packages in ~/.atom/packages for extended testing)

We could check to see if a package existed by that name at some point in the past and has been unpublished, but that still doesn’t prevent package name collisions.


I’ve got a (cheap) idea:
Maybe we could drop a autogenerated file into the package (eg. install-info) which contains simple info about the mechanism used (eg. apm or other mechanism).

If it doesn’t exists or is has a value unknown to atom, then atom might not attempt to search updates/determine if it is deprecated by itself (except there is a another package which handles that mechanism).

The file would be a autogenerated file, so it has to be excluded from the VCS. If it isn’t clear, the file could be generated by apm.

(Note: I am not a package developer nor professional programmer, so i can’t say if it is a good idea)


When you check packages for updates, you could identify they don’t exist and just display it on that page (without the status bar like packages that need update). That way, when you went to the page, you’d see that there were packages marked as deprecated and/or removed from the repository. Disable the update button as normal and maybe show it as orange?

You could also avoid doing that check for developer packages.

“your-custom-package cannot be found.”


Technically, deprecated does not mean broken. You could still install and use a deprecated package.

If a package is broken and deprecated then it could just comment out the activate routine so it does nothing. This would then kill it on the next update.


What about showing an info message “Checking for updates for this package failed as it has been unlisted.” in the setting-view package. People can simply ignore the message if they want to keep the package, but at least they get informed for deprecated packages.


Someone want to write this up as an enhancement request on (Since that seems to be the consensus on where the functionality for this should go.)