Notifications Problem Win10


I’m Using Electron with Angular and I want to send notifications after the render process (home.component) but if I try to use the #show() method it give me the response that this method does not exists.

Windows 10 Pro
Angular @latest
Typescript @latest

I hope anyone can help me

sry I mean in the render process

Whether or not anyone can help you, you will need to share your code (don’t just paste it into this forum, but post a link to a GitHub repo or somewhere else that people can reasonably read through it and see what’s going on). Without seeing what you’re doing, it’s impossible to tell you anything about what should work.

Okay, @DamnedScholar .
I use this repo (just a Angular Electron Template)
And I want to send a notification after I clicked on a button in the home component.

I already tried to send a notification with the Standart Code at the docs but it won’t work if I declare a new Notification at the home.component.ts .

I hope that’s enough :3

It’s not enough to see the template you’re using. We would need to see your code, or we can’t tell you what’s happening with it.

At the moment I only have a small code snippet from the official [docs] (

[home.component.ts] (

That code doesn’t show you trying to use a show() method. And the documentation for the Notification API doesn’t mention it.

Yes, because .Show() does not exists

Then why are you trying to use it?

I’m confused about what you’re attempting to troubleshoot.

Nja, I want to send Windows Notifications but it realistically I don’t know how I should send Notifications. Should I Import that in Angular with ? And How? And how I send Messages in the render Prozess?

The Notification API is the correct way to do it. Based on my reading of the example, you ought to be able to see your notification when you run myFunction(). Do you see any errors?

Nja, If I declare it there are no errors but if I look at the autocompletion the function show was not found and if I try to use the manuell it says show not found.

What is the manuell? That’s not a word I’m familiar with.

I mean by hand to write without autocompletion. (Manually) ~sry

I’m still confused about why you’re trying to use show() when no such method exists. According to my reading of the documentation, all that should be required is for you to show your notification is to run myFunction(). When I try it in Chrome’s developer tools, I don’t need to do anything special to get a notification to show up.

That’s interesting.
Did you just declare the notification?

Yeah. That’s all you have to do.