Notes on REACT editor


Just fyi, I’ve experienced enough issues with the react editor that I had to leave it for now – just reporting what I saw:

  • autocomplete issue (using AutoComplete Plus package) every time I typed a character, the editor would lose focus (apparently transferred to the autocomplete drop down, so I’d have to click back in the editor to continue
  • in two other cases, I simply couldn’t select existing text, not with the mouse or the cursor keys

Neither of these happened consistently, but they happened more than once.


Also getting errors on various actions when REACT editor is turned on. Following happens on cut/paste (copy doesn’t seem to cause issues):

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘focus’ of undefined

It’s serious enough that I have to turn off REACT for now.


It would be beneficial to get these bugs reported to the package that is the source of the issue. Package owners need to know whether their stuff works on React or not because the Atom team is pushing to move to the React editor as the default. The React editor has been the default for specification tests since v0.101.0, I believe.

Please report this issue on the AutoComplete Plus repo:


Can you follow the steps in the Debugging document and report what you find? Also please include:

  • Which version of Atom you’re using
  • What OS and version you’re running
  • If you can reproduce the issue when running Atom in Safe Mode (atom --safe)