Notes function not work in my Atom Editor


I changed the theme and updated the package, then the notes function not work.
this is line of code:
carriers = @$('#carrier').val()?.split(',')

When I type ‘command’ + ‘/’, it display
carriers = @$('#carrier').val()?.split(',')<!-- -->

but expected result is add a ‘#’ in the head of line, like below
#carriers = @$('#carrier').val()?.split(',')

Can someone help me?


What grammar is active in that file? The grammar can be found on the right-hand side of the status bar, and from the examples, it sounds like it’s set to HTML.


it’s not HTML, it’s coffee script, I think it should be like javascript. How to set it?


What’s the file extension?


It’s caused by Emmet package, there is also a “cmd-/” in keybinding, I disabled the Emmet and it works well now


Good to know.