Notepad++ Features?


So I was wondering if there is an addon or maybe just in the program just not turned on. Notepad++ I’ve seen two features that are really useful in videos, and is when you highlight a word or whatever it highlights all the other, if it’s in the same function, or not (at least that’s what I think?), and the other is when using coding such as .lua, when you have “end” it’ll show a line where the function starts and stops, so you know you can put code within it and such.

As you can see in the image. That little line that starts at local, and ends in “end”.

Is there a way to enable this feature? Or if an addon has it? Is there a technical word for the two in coding (still learning and such)?



What language is this?

In Atom, if you move your mouse over the line numbers, a series of arrows will appear indicating places where your code can be folded. That’s a similar sort of indicator, but it’s used for more than just functions.


Sorry about that, it’s the LUA language. But as for the move your mouse over the line numbers, I do that, but nothing happens?


For the first feature you can use the package highlight-selected, which, on selecting a word, highlights all other occurences of that word in the open file.

Second one I don’t know though.


Oh nice, that will be very useful! Now just need to find the other thing.


I have a Lua file open, and the fold arrows show up just fine for me. Do you have language-lua installed?


Oh… you have to enable the feature for it: “Show Indent Guide”, and I’m able to do all of that.

Cool, I appreciate that!