Not opening files



I’m using Atom on linux (Mint 18) and when opening files (either from command line 'atom ’ or via file explorer) Atom will, if open already, simply become the active window, or if not open, simply reopen the last session. Opening files via the open file dialog in Atom similarly doesn’t open the file. The only way I can open files is to add the file’s folder as a project folder and then open it via the projects pane. This seems like incredibly obnoxious behaviour for an editor to have, and thus I am presuming it is not intentional behaviour…


either from command line 'atom ’

Sorry that was meant to be 'atom [file]'
Also, an unrelated complaint; when I hit Edit -> Preferences, the settings page doesn’t open, but it will if I press Ctrl+comma


Ok so, changing the launcher command from the default (right), to “atom %f” seems to have resolved the problem.
Opening files from command line with ‘atom [file]’ wasn’t working because the window run with %F was still open.