Not having new Windows / List of Windows when right click on Mac's Dock


It used to work when I right click on the ATOM icon on Mac’s dock, then there will be “New Windows” and a list of ATOM opened windows showing up. (I usually run multiple ATOM applications on multiple displays). (just like other app, e.g. Chrome)

I dunno which update causing problem or what… It doesn’t work now. Right click only bring up “Options, Show all windows, hide, Quit”. ( it used to have the windows name above “Options”).

I’m using Mac EI-capitan, and latest Atom without plug-ins.

Request for Mac Dock Icon Menu

Can you include the version number of Atom that you’re using? We’ve recently switched to release channels, so there are currently three latest versions of Atom depending on which channel you’re using :grinning:

Looking at it some more, there is this Issue:

And this Pull Request, implementing the suggestion:


I’m using the latest one: 1.2.3