Not able to install packages in atom

Can someone help me with this

install atom-beautify … not beautify

Can you help me with this???

I get the exact same issue even with atom-beautify


I get this for every package

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i think that it can be an error with the atom page server.
I wanted to install a package but i have the same results that yours.

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the problem was solved

I installed the app today. I was able to search for the first package and after I installed it, everything went bonkers. I get the "Searching “” failed… ". Before i got a longer error, something about a website. Now I reinstalled Atom and get the same error as you. “i.filter is not a function…” + the website is still giving me error 500. Tried in firefox and chrome too…

Sorry for the double-post but I found a backdoor. Just googling the packages gives me the link to them and I can install. But still would like if the feature would be looked into.