Norwegian characters for keybindings


I’m having issues binding Norwegian characters like æøå. This is an issue for all packages.
So I was wandering if I’m the only one experiencing this, any suggestions on how to fix it?



I suspect you’re running into the issue described here:


Maybe, but it has nothing to do with the alt key. Binding just “ø” to move right in vim-mode doesn’t work.
Issue I posted:


Thanks for posting the issue and linking it back here. I hope that it is something simple and that it isn’t due to the underlying Chromium issue of not handling international keyboards well.


This is still not working in atom 0.136.0. Any chance of this being fixed any time soon?


Have you opened the Keybinding Resolver to see what Atom thinks you’re typing when you type ø?


It thinks I click this one:
’`’: ‘vim-mode:move-to-mark-literal’

Maybe it got something to do with multibyte characters and the encoding of the config file?


The encoding of the file shouldn’t have anything to do with what keys the Keybinding Resolver sees because it is looking at the key that is pressed. You should open a bug on Atom Core if you want more attention on this, but I suspect it is a duplicate of one of the already open international character bugs.