Noob Topic - Changing // Color


Hi all,

Not a programmer, never really used text editors/GitHub, so forgive the noob question but -

I started using Atom to help with better organizing some notes. Sometimes I have code/calculations from other apps that I’ll wish to segregate/describe on the same screen. Usually i do this via the normal “//” then text.

Right now I’m using the default dark theme in Atom. is there a way so that every time I use “//” the color will change that line of text, so that i can easily find where I’m describing lines vs. other items?


Are you asking for comment tags in plain text files?


Am unaware if that’s the term that should be used (just started using it this morning), but basically the below:

So where the //…text… would be in say green, making it easier for me to see in b/t the various comments


Since you haven’t given the files any file extensions, Atom has no way of knowing what language it should use. If you want to color comments, you first have to have them displaying in a language that’s set up to look for those tags. I suggest using AsciiDoc, with the language-asciidoc package, which supports // comments and just about everything else you might want to do.