(Noob Question) Java Compiler?


So I was going through Atom and I couldn’t find a compiler? Is there a compiler for Atom, I need it for Java and I’d rather not use the command line.


There is no compiler built into Atom, Atom is not necessarily an IDE.


Yea that’s not what Atom wants to be, either. An IDE that is. It’s an extensible, fully customizable text editor…

Which, however, means that it is not impossible to add a package that compiles stuff.


How difficult would it be to construct a package to simply compile my .java file as I save it?

I know I’m bumping an old topic, but I don’t see a Java compiler package around for Atom. I’m an old dog in community college and am very much enjoying Atom’s ability to make my HTML/CSS life so much easier. I’d love to be able to apply that simplicity to my Java studies. The only thing that’s making TextPad (the course’s prescribed editor) a better option right now is it’s ability to compile/run Java from inside the editor.

As part of the course, we’re making minor alterations, compiling, and running - quite often. Typically, we’re given incorrect code, compile and run to see the output. Then we alter it, compile and run, and evaluate the changes. Over and over.

I very much prefer Atom (especially with the other wonderful packages!), and would like to stick with it rather than jumping ship to Textpad.


Have you seen the build package? While I don’t think it will automatically run your build on save, it’s just a single keystroke away. Since this topic was last active, there have been at least hundreds if not thousands of new packages created … there may be one now :grinning:


The Build package looks like something I could use! Now to figure out how to use it. Thank you!