Noob question electron app deployment configuration


Is there any documentation / examples showing an electron app that is simply a wrapper for a remote node.js / express application.

It would be desirable to have the electron app reside on a network share (as opposed to each client workstation) so that updates occurred in a single place at the client site, while the node.js / express app resides / executes at a cloud site, i.e. AWS etc.

I would like to take advantage of electron’s rendering engine to eliminate multiple browser / version support, and this application requires access to the local network file system. Seems like electron as a wrapper might be able to facilitate both these features.

A one time setup / install for each client workstation is acceptable, but not feasible to perform multiple future updates individually at each client due to the large number of workstations (> 200) and the fact that updates would require IT departmental resources due to security constraints preventing users from updating software on their workstations.

Current application is C++ / MFC .exe and resides on a single network shared location and is loaded dynamically via windows desktop shortcut.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated


I have played with development of node app in heroku dynos.

Heroku is not the lowest cost cloud service (compared with other cloud service providers) but proof of concept models can be rapidly built on free dynos until you are ready for scaling. You can have node client apps calling heroku node dynos.

Another fuller example referring to Express …


Electron can just be used as a browser like you want. Code running in a renderer process can communicate to the main process that opened it, and it doesn’t actually matter where in the world that code came from, because it’s all JavaScript.


Thanks for the link I will check that out looks like what I needed