Noob developer with ATOM/GIT/GITHUB


Hi all,
I am a noob with developing and am getting my feet wet with ATOM/GITHUB. So, I’m watching a pkg on GITHUB called “PYISO” and would like to get into coding and developing with it.

So, I’m reading the docs and discussions, but how do you CLONE/DOWNLOAD to you local pc? I’ve been trying to get to the COMMAND LINE (WIN10) and don’t understand if I’m supposed to use a CLI inside ATOM? Or do you use a WINDOWS COMMAND LINE prompt (knowing full well I need to set up the ENV variables.)

Sorry if this is too basic, but throw me a bone…



You can use either, depending on what you want to do. Do you want your CLI to be in the same window as your editor? Download termination in Atom and use that. I use Cmder, which does everything that the hideous cmd.exe does, but with a much nicer interface and modern features like you’ll find on other OSes’ terminal emulators.

If you don’t want to use the command line, you can also download GitKraken for a rich visual interface. Since I have Cmder configured the way I like it and I know the commands, I prefer using the CLI for the speed and the fact that I don’t have to change windows to work with git and my package manager when I’m setting up a code folder, but I like having my command line windows separate from my editor (so I can close Atom and keep my command line window open). GitKraken is definitely easiest for newbies.


ok. thx @damnedscholar. however, I’m in atom and I’m looking at all the packages installed(80), community packages (0), core packages (0).

If I’m using ATOM, isn’t there a way to download termination THROUGH ATOM. I feel like I’m missing something fundamental…
Or do I have to goto GITHUB, download to the atom directory…

Thx for the help


aha! I think I got it! @DamnedScholar, you 'da man!

thx for the assist !


No problem. :slight_smile: